• Publisher: GameForge AG
  • Playerbase: medium
  • Graphic: low
  • Genre: fantasy
  • Type: 2D
  • Xp rate: low
  • File size: -
  • PvP: yes

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(41 votes 2.93 / 5)
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BattleKnight Overview

Battleknight is a browser-based MMORPG game, where we play the role of a knight. We try to improve our skills as soon as it’s possible and collect a better inventory, as it gives us an advantage over the rest of the players. Game developers have given us two paths, which our knight can follow – and it’s up to us if we whether fight in screening or attacking operations. The main features we work on are strength, dexterity, body structure, how we use weapons, happiness and defensive skills. There we have numerous weapons, armor, potions, runes, artifacts, and rubies. On the result of the battle affects also – an individual setting of targets, but also attacks and to equip our hiding place. 


  • The title enjoys a loyal crowd of fans despite spite of the few trumps


  • Trashy graphics
  • Average playability
  • There are many better games on the same subject

BattleKnight Screenshots

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